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How to install and use coffeebot:

You'll need to create (or have someone create for you) a few Slack slash commands.

Clicking on the "Add to Slack" button should get you started.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Issues? Email hello at coffeebot dot coffee.

Hope you enjoy :)

PS: GitHub must immediately cancel its contract with ICE.

List of necessary commands:

command request type request url
/coffee_brewing POST
/last_brewed POST

What each command does:

command result extra
/coffee_brewing creates a record of coffee being brewed (default location is your Slack team name) You can also use '/coffee_brewing BlueAnt' to add a custom location (in this case, BlueAnt) and/or '/coffee_brewing BlueAnt Get ready - it's delicious!' to add a description.
/last_brewed returns the last location and time something was brewed You can use /last_brewed followed by a number to retrieve more brew records (useful if the last brew wasn't at your location!).
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